Updated 06/03/15

The Club Permit scheme, or Club Rego, allows members of car clubs that are recognised by VicRoads, including TCCAV, to make limited use of historic vehicles on the road network. Vehicles must be at least 25 years old to participate in the scheme.

Under the new conditions of use introduced in January 2015, permit holders are now required to have a valid RWC to transfer or join the scheme. Club Permit vehicles can be used at any time for any purpose other than for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire or reward.

A logbook is issued to permit holders to record the use of the vehicle over the permit period. A log book entry must be made each day that the vehicle is used (unless the vehicle is within 100 metres of the garaged address).

A logbook must be carried in the vehicle at all times the vehicle is in use.

Financial members of TCCAV are able to apply for either a 45 or 90 day permit depending on how much use they expect to make of their vehicles over a 12 month period. If a person obtains a 45 day permit but later decides that this is not enough, another 45 day permit may be purchased later on.

However, no-one will be able to obtain a permit to drive their vehicle for more than 90 days in each 12 month registration period.

TCCAV has its own policies and processes a member must go through to gain approval to nominate a car or classic Japanese motorcycle for a Club Permit. As of January 31st 2015, the following criteria must be met in order to obtain our endorsement for club permit registration:

  1. Applicants for club rego for a classic car must have been a member of the club for at least 3 months before submitting a pre-approval form. This clause may be waived on approval by the TCCAV Committee in exceptional circumstances. If you feel you that you have exceptional circumstances, please contact the Club Plate Administrator to discuss, but please note, leaving your application until you have a week left of regular registration will not be considered exceptional
  2. Applicants for club rego for a classic car must have attended at least one club meeting or event during that three month period, and introduced themselves to a member of the Committee at the event.
  3. Vehicles submitted for club rego must be 25 years old, well presented and reflect that the owner is an enthusiast. This is a little subjective and will vary from car to car, but generally speaking cars should be one colour and body/paint be of a good standard with minimal rust, the interior and engine bay should be neat and tidy, and the car must be mechanically sound. Essentially the car should be something a little more special than the norm that your fellow enthusiasts are going to want to have a look at during one of our social events. This could mean it’s a show car, it could mean that it is a rare car, it could mean that it is a pristine example of a common model. It could also mean that it is a “rat style” machine, which again will appeal to fellow enthusiasts. If you aren’t sure, contact our Club Plate Administrator, Brian Way and discuss your car first.
  4. TCCAV will also consider club rego applications for Japanese manufactured motorcycles only, that are 25 years old or more. This is only available to TCCAV members who have been members for longer than 12 months and own a Toyota, as we wish to continue to remain a predominantly Toyota car oriented club. Members wanting to apply for club rego on a motorcycle should use the same form as the car application form, until a motorcycle specific form has been created.

The process for obtaining approval from TCCA is as follows:

  1. Meet the criteria above by becoming a financial member of TCCAV or ensure your membership is up to date
  2. Come to a club meeting and introduce yourself. We won’t endorse an application for a person we have never met. This is so that we can ensure you are a genuine enthusiast who won’t be abusing our club rego status
  3. Complete the “Club Rego Pre-Approval Form” and email that, along with photos of your car or bike (please resize them so they aren’t huge files), to the Club Plate Administrator
  4. Once your car or bike has been pre-approved by TCCAV’s Club Plate Administrator, you will need to obtain a current Roadworthy Certificate to show that the car is safe for road use.
  5. Obtain the Vicroads Club Permit application form and bring it and a copy of your RWC to have TCCAV’s authorised signatories sign off on your application. This is best done at either the Club’s General Meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, or the Club’s Committee Meeting on the last Tuesday of the month. Other arrangements can be made if necessary.
  6. Your vehicle must be inspected and passed by our Club Plate Administrator.
  7. Visit Vicroads with your paperwork, pay your fees and obtain your Club Permit plates.
  8. Advise the Club Plate Administrator of your Club Rego number.

From there, TCCAV will expect to see the car or bike (and member!) at least once a year at a club event, whether it be our social meetings, our club meetings, or one of the motorsport events listed in the calendar. When a Club Plated car or bike and member attends an event to satisfy the “once per year event attendance” rule, the member should have their Log Book sighted and initialed by a Committee member as proof of attendance. Please also note that any of the committee members can ask to see a club plated car’s log book at any event, to ensure that the log book is being used correctly.

Any modifications you make to the vehicle after it has been accepted into the scheme will also need to be cleared with the Committee, to ensure the Club remains comfortable with how the car or bike is presented.

Club Rego is not an avenue to bypass engineering approval for a vehicle and getting it on the road. Vehicles that have had significant modifications will be considered on a case by case basis, and may not be approved if they are deemed to be too modified for highway use. A current RWC is the strongest argument that the car is safe for highway use, and a VASS certification will be necessary for those vehicles that do not comply to VicRoad’s VSI 8.

To obtain a Pre-Approval Form, or for more information, please contact Brian Way by email – or you may download the form from the link here – Pre-Approval-Form-AUG2015

Please note that the club rego pre-approval and inspection process takes time, and won’t be rushed just because you have two days left of your regular registration. Plan ahead!

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