Event Coverage: All Toyota Winterfest Part 2 – Car Show


All Toyota Winterfest 2015

All Toyota Winterfest has grown significantly in each of the first 3 years and when we first looked at the Sandown area we thought we may struggle to fill the venue. As it turns out that wasn’t a problem. As the race cars were setting up at one end of the Sandown Pit complex over 300 show cars were quickly filling the other end. There was a constant stream arriving of Toyota & Lexus cars of all models from the early Toyota Sports 800 right through to the current Lexus RCF.


There was certainly enough on display to keep everyone happy for hours. New or old didn’t matter on the day, everything was appreciated.

Toyota 86 GTS & Aurion

The Nugget Nationals crew came along with a small display of their budget race car series. With Toyota Echo’s and Starlets making up a large part of their entries it just goes to show how these cheap and nimble cars can be a good entry point to getting out on the track. Some of the lap times they are currently setting around Winton are very impressive. Ying from Nugget Nationals along with JS Creations also donated third prize for the charity raffle with some Nugget Nationals t-shirts and a JS Creations Celica hoodie. Ying has also put together a nice write up on the day from her perspective on the Noisy Ninja blog: https://noisyninja.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/all-toyota-winterfest-2015/

Nugget Nationals Toyota Echo Startlet

The aforementioned Toyota Sports 800 is an iconic Toyota launched 50 years ago in 1965. There aren’t many examples in Australia that have survived through to today but we are very lucky to have this regularly driven Yota-Hachi attend the majority of our shows.

Toyota Sports 800

StreetStatik kindly donated a professional automotive photo shoot as second prize in the charity raffle and also managed to get some great photos throughout the day. www.streetstatik.com

Toyota Celica TA22 Hot Wheels

Walking around the cars there was no shortage of inspiration for anyone looking to get motivated on their own builds. Fans of 1:64 scale cars might notice the subtle Hot Wheels inspiration on this 1:1 scale Celica.

StreetStatik Winterfest 2015

Peter Sinclair from Lexus Australia brought along the new RC350 and RCF as the feature cars of this year’s show. As part of the package Peter donated our first place raffle prize with the lucky winner experiencing several spirited laps as a passenger in the RCF during the lunch time break. Thanks to Peter along with Toyota & Lexus Australia for this unique opportunity and to Peter himself who hung around all day telling countless stories of his many years at Toyota & Lexus.

StreetStatik Lexus RCF RC350

Another popular car was Import Revolutions Mark X. Let’s hope we have one of these in the club soon.

Winterfest 2015 Toyota MarkX

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Event Coverage: All Toyota Winterfest Part 1 – Track Day



There were plenty of members that were very excited to hit the track at Winterfest whether they were seasoned competitors or they were hitting the track for the very first time.

While the running of the day was handled by the great members at the Ford Four Car Club our own president and seasoned racer Frank Ferrantino took on the role of chief instructor and developed a learning course for those hitting the track for the first time with a CAMS day licence for the event. This was a big opportunity that was strongly supported by CAMS who were also extremely happy with the day seeing new club members exposed to motor sport and leaving the event very keen for more.

GSrace8 The opportunity to take to one of Australia’s best race tracks right in the heart of suburban Melbourne is always a treat with most tracks within this proximity to cities being closed down throughout the years.


With long straights along both sides of Sandown it’s definitely a power track, something SUPRAT had no shortage of, turning heads all day long.


At the end of the day SUPRAT owner John Mackenzie donated several rides in the passenger seat which were quickly auctioned off to raise extra funds for the events charity partner Children’s Protection Society. The look on the faces of the passengers as they stepped out of the car was amazing. Huge smiles and disbelief at just how quick John and his car are.

GSrace55 GSrace1

One of the great things about a track day is the variety of cars that take part. Everything from full time racecars to daily drivers were out cutting laps all day and the driving standards of all involved should be commended.

GSrace11 GSrace7 GSrace6

Thanks to everyone who took part in the track day, the Ford Four Car Club for their expertise in running the day and Gripseekers for the fantastic photos.

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