FREE Monthly Come & Try Motorkhana

In 2016 the Toyota Car Club of Australia Victoria & Ford Four Car Club will host a monthly FREE come & try Motorkhana at the TCCAV Motorkhana Grounds on McGrath Road in Werribee.

Event Dates – 10 am start.

  1. Sunday  7th February 2016
  2. Sunday 6th March 2016
  3. Sunday 3rd April 2016
  4. Sunday 1st May 2016
  5. Sunday 5th June 2016


The event is sanctioned by the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) and is designed as a non-competitive event to introduce new people to the sport of Motorkhana.
Grass Motorkhana Werribee
– You must be a current member of a CAMS affiliated Car Club such as TCCAV.
– Or hold a current CAMS competition licence.
Single Day CAMS licences are available at the event for $25.
(This amount can be deducted from the cost of any other CAMS competition licence if purchased within 6 months from the date of participation)
A yearly Level 2 Non-Speed Licence which is all you need for Motokhana events is just $80.

Experienced competitors will be on hand to sit next to first time entrants and guide them through the event and provide pointers so all you need to do is come along on the day with your car and yourself. Any road car will be suitable without modifications. Batteries must be securely mounted and the car should present in a roadworthy condition.
If you have any further questions you can email look forward to seeing you there.PS: Experienced campaigners are more than welcome to come along and treat the day as a practice day, all we ask is that you assist the newbies throughout the day by offering passenger rides and riding along to give pointers.

AMI Racing Team 50 year Reunion

The AMI Racing Team are holding their 50 year reunion in early October and have asked for our assistance in tracking down some of the original members that were associated with the AMI Racing Team or Team Toyota Australia and those that were Toyota representatives during the time. If you had some involvement during the 60’s of know anyone who did (especially the names below please let us know by emailing Frank:

The organisers are trying to track down these people in particular:

Don Christie, Neville Diamond, Ray Leak, John Fairbairn, Les Vizzard, Alan Mottram, Stephen Brooke, Ian Cameron, Ron McQuade, Barry Arenz, Daryl Nelson.

There will also be a display of some of the cars used by the teams at the event. If you have a 1965 4 door “shovelnose” Corona that could be used for the display on October 9th please let us know as well.

Thanks, Frank Ferrantino & Ash Miniken.


Event Coverage: All Toyota Winterfest Part 1 – Track Day



There were plenty of members that were very excited to hit the track at Winterfest whether they were seasoned competitors or they were hitting the track for the very first time.

While the running of the day was handled by the great members at the Ford Four Car Club our own president and seasoned racer Frank Ferrantino took on the role of chief instructor and developed a learning course for those hitting the track for the first time with a CAMS day licence for the event. This was a big opportunity that was strongly supported by CAMS who were also extremely happy with the day seeing new club members exposed to motor sport and leaving the event very keen for more.

GSrace8 The opportunity to take to one of Australia’s best race tracks right in the heart of suburban Melbourne is always a treat with most tracks within this proximity to cities being closed down throughout the years.


With long straights along both sides of Sandown it’s definitely a power track, something SUPRAT had no shortage of, turning heads all day long.


At the end of the day SUPRAT owner John Mackenzie donated several rides in the passenger seat which were quickly auctioned off to raise extra funds for the events charity partner Children’s Protection Society. The look on the faces of the passengers as they stepped out of the car was amazing. Huge smiles and disbelief at just how quick John and his car are.

GSrace55 GSrace1

One of the great things about a track day is the variety of cars that take part. Everything from full time racecars to daily drivers were out cutting laps all day and the driving standards of all involved should be commended.

GSrace11 GSrace7 GSrace6

Thanks to everyone who took part in the track day, the Ford Four Car Club for their expertise in running the day and Gripseekers for the fantastic photos.

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