Classic Japan – Car & Bike Show

Classic Japan is an annual Car & Bike show run by the club which is dedicated to vehicles from all Japanese manufacturers that are at least 25 years old.

Classic Japan 2015


What began as a small idea in 2011 has grown to one of the largest gatherings of nostalgic j-tin in the southern hemisphere with over 400 cars & bikes displaying the proud design and engineering heritage that Japan has offered the world. While the show is hosted in Melbourne we have many dedicated enthusiast travelling from all over Australia as far as Perth and Brisbane to attend the show every year.

Classi Japan 2015

Classic Japan 2015 is locked in for Sunday December 6th at Como Park North South Yarra. This great venue covering two ovals provides a great central Melbourne location to celebrate the Japanese car and bike culture. No trophies, no egos, just a bunch of enthusiasts coming out for a picnic on the grass with their classic Japanese bike or car. To stay up to date please follow the Classic Japan show on Facebook: Classic Japan Facebook Page

Every year the club raises funds through donations at the show to go towards a selected charity with several thousand being raised by the generous attendees every year which we a greatly thankful for.

Entry for Classic Japan 2015 is now open!

Details can be found at

2014 Show

In 2014 the weather wasn’t the kindest with a wet start to summer, but that didn’t stop the enthusiasts and we still managed to fill both ovals for a fantastic day out.

2014 Classic Japan Photo Gallery

Classic Japan Flyer 2014

2013 Show

2013 Classic Japan Photo Gallery



2012 Show

2012 Classic Japan Photo Gallery

Classic Japan Flyer


2011 Show

2011 Classic Japan Photo Gallery


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