What is Motorkhana?

Motorkhana is a low-speed test of driving skills and vehicle handling. The idea is to complete a series of pre-set test courses throughout the day by driving around a series of flags or cones in the correct order, beginning from a stand-still in the Green start gate and finishing by stopping within a Red finishing gate. 

Events can be held on unsealed surfaces (dirt/grass) or sealed surfaces (bitumen/concrete). You complete the course one vehicle at a time against the clock and there are time penalties added for hitting the flags/cones or going in the wrong direction. 

You compete both overall and within Classes against similar vehicles. There are also driver-specific categories such as “Come & Try” (for first-time entrants), “Junior” (generally ages 12-18) and “Ladies”. 

Most competitors would only use first gear to complete the course and some courses require reverse gear especially at State and National level.



Levels of Competition

Entry Level    - TCCAV Events & Championship
Club Level    - Group5 Events & Championship (G5)
State Level    - Victorian Motorkhana Championship (VMC)
National Level    - Australian Motorkhana Championship (AMC) (Single Annual Event)

TCCAV run several Motorkhanas throughout the year at our own club grounds in Werribee (dirt/grass surface) and at various locations including Altona & Avalon (sealed surfaces).

At a club level, we host and compete in events in the Group5 competition. This is a low-pressure environment where drivers can have fun and learn about car control, they also provide a great avenue to practice before moving up into State Level VMC events if you are wanting a more competitive environment. 

Events are held on a mix of sealed and unsealed surfaces throughout the year.

What Licences do I need?

Motorsport Australia Speed Licence or above
Motorsport Australia Affiliated Car Club Membership eg: TCCAV Membership

What Vehicle do I need?

Road going vehicles
Any road-going vehicle is eligible. (Even your classic or daily drive)
Unregistered vehicles can be trailered to the event.

To prepare your car, ensure that the battery is secured tightly and that the vehicle is free of any loose objects.
Most competitions do not allow all-terrain or dirt tyres to limit wear on the event surface.

Hot Tip: bring a small tarp to place all your loose items such as spare wheels, boot tools and personal belongings on during the day, if it rains the tarp doubles as a cover to keep everything dry.

Club Junior Car
TCCAV along with the Ford Four Car Club have a Mazda 121 that is available for Juniors to use at selected events. This vehicle is fitted with dual controls (brake and clutch pedal) that can be operated by the passenger to help teach young drivers the basics of car control in a safe environment. The passenger can also kill the engine of the car if required.

Motorkhana Specials
Once you get serious about Motorkhana you could consider a purpose-built Motorkhana Special. These open-cockpit vehicles use easily accessible car components in a lightweight frame and are generally custom-built for this purpose. The addition of a helmet is required for these vehicles only.

DSC00375 edit

What safety equipment do I need?

Closed-toe shoes.
Shorts/pants & t-shirts or similar of non-flammable material.
Helmets are only required in “Motorkhana Specials”

Vehicle Classes.

TCCAV & G5 Classes are determined by Vehicle Body Length
Class A = 2WD Up to 4099mm - Engine over driven wheels (Eg: FF & MR)
Class B = 2WD Up to 4250mm - Engine away from driven wheels (Eg: FR)
Class C = 2WD 4100mm & over - Engine over driven wheels
Class D = 2WD 4251mm & over - Engine away from driven wheels
Class E = All Wheel Drive
Class F = Motorkhana Specials

VMC & AMC Classes are determined by Vehicle Wheelbase
Class A = 2WD Up to 2450mm - Engine over driven wheels or Mid-Engined
Class B = 2WD Up to 2450mm - Engine away from driven wheels
Class C = 2WD 2451mm & over - Engine over driven wheels or Mid-Engined
Class D = 2WD 2451mm & over - Engine away from driven wheels
Class E = All Wheel Drive
Class F = Motorkhana Specials