Our club has a strong history of competing and hosting motorsport events from grassroots levels such as motorkhana and hill climbs through to regularity and sprint events on the racetrack.

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Motorkhana is a test of driving skill, the idea is to drive around a series of flags or cones in the correct order. It’s held on dirt/grass or bitumen/concrete. You compete against the clock and your car is placed in a class. There are categories for drivers as well. Most competitors would only use first gear and maybe reverse. Motorkhana has what is called a standing start and you have to stop at the finish.



A Hillclimb is a speed event and is defined as a standing start, flying finish and normally has a hill in it. Hillclimbs are normally held on bitumen. You compete against the clock and the cars are placed in classes.




Sprints are a speed event, held on a racetrack, airport, or closed road (they do hold a sprint meeting at Bathurst). Sprints can be either standing or flying/rolling start and flying finish. You are competing against the clock, but there may be other cars on the track at the same time. The cars are placed in classes and the cars on track with you, may or may not be in your class.     




Club members from TCCAV also compete in regularity races. A gentlemen form of racing it's about choosing your lap time and then completing as many laps as possible within a second of that set time rather than being the quickest car on the track. Events are held on permanent circuits with strict overtaking rules and are generally held over a duration of 6 or more hours. The competition is made up of teams with several cars.

Motorsport events dates are regularly updated in the monthly newsletter as well as the TCCAV Facebook page

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