Terry Baker Motorsport Weekend - Multi Club Motorkhana, Hillclimb & Touring Road Event


If you are looking for a fun weekend of multidiscipline motorsport, the Terry Baker Motorsport Weekend is a must.

The event runs over 2 days and has three disciplines (well four if you include the pub meal) and is designed primarily for first-time or novice motorsport participants. While you are encouraged to enter all disciplines in the event you can enter individual disciplines as well.

The Terry Baker Motorsport Weekend is named after current long-time TCCAV member Terry Baker who has been a constant in encouraging new participants to the sport. The organisation of the event is currently shared between the RS Owners Club of Vic and the Toyota Car Club of Australia, entrants will be placed on either Team BLUE (RSOCV) or Team RED (TCCAV) for some lighthearted overall competition as well, yes, bragging rights are on the line. 

Entries open a few months before the event (usually held around mid-May) and competitors from all Motorsport Australia-associated car clubs are welcome to enter, however, spots are limited with preference being given to the organising club's members.


Typical Event Layout

Saturday Morning

The event begins on Saturday with a fun touring road section where you drive a set route to Haunted Hills. This is completed within the road rules and is suitable for vehicles towing car trailers to the event. There are a few set tasks you have to complete and bonus points for bribing the event organisers (usually with a 50c chocolate bar or similar).

Vehicle requirements: Roadworthy and registered vehicle. Suitable for tow vehicles if you are trailering your race car to the event.

Licence requirements: Valid Australian Driver's Licence (not required for passengers)


Saturday Afternoon

The competitive section begins in the afternoon with a Motorkhana in the Haunted Hills car park. This is a test of skill and manoeuvrability where you are timed and can receive penalty additions for hitting cones or taking the wrong direction on the course. The courses will change after each run and most will see you only requiring first gear, although sometimes reverse is required later in the day just to spice it up. Motorkhanas are all about car control and if you have never done one, get ready for some fun, they are easily the most smiles per metre of any motorsport discipline.

Vehicle Requirements: The vehicle must be in a roadworthy state with no loose objects in the cabin or boot, and the battery must be securely mounted. Helmets are only required for Motorkhana Specials.

Licence requirements: Motorsport Australia Speed Licence or equivalent.


Saturday Night

Following the end of the competition on Saturday all entrants are invited back to the pub for a meal and a chinwag to share stories from the day. Most people also stay at overnight accommodation at this location or nearby.


Sunday (All Day)

The final day sees competitors taking to the Haunted Hills track one at a time for a Hill Climb where you will have the track entirely to yourself, beginning from a standing start and completing the course with a flying finish. This event is perfect if you are looking to get into circuit-style motorsport as you can start off at your own pace and then increase your speed as you become more comfortable with your car and the track without the worry of having other cars on track at the same time.

Vehicle requirements: A fire extinguisher must be mounted within reach of the driver. Long sleeves, pants, closed-toe shoes and Helmets are to be worn by the driver and passengers (when allowed).

Licence requirements: Motorsport Australia Speed Licence or equivalent.


You can enter each event individually or receive a discounted entry for entering all 3. Cars will be grouped into similar classes and there is even a special Road Warrior class for registered vehicles.


For more information read the supplementary regulations and when you are ready you can enter via the event page.